发布时间:2019-11-21 18:47

国际会计师联合会 (The International Federation of Accountants,简称IFAC) 理事会会议上周在加拿大温哥华成功召开。ICAEW全球会长Fiona Wilkinson女士被任命为IFAC理事会成员,今后将在增强全球会计职业的相关性,声誉和价值方面发挥重要作用,更好地为公众利益服务。



Fiona一直倡导会计行业的多元化和包容性,传递着 “会计是一项具有包容性、不论背景,面向所有人的职业”。

Fiona was appointed to the Board of IFAC

Last week, ICAEW President Fiona Wilkinson was appointed to the Board of IFAC at their Council meeting in Vancouver, Canada. Fiona will be using her role to serve the public interest by enhancing the relevance, reputation and value of the global accountancy profession.

Fiona Wilkinson, President of ICAEW, qualified as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant in 1980 and spent 11 years with Deloitte in London and Jersey but also working in Europe and Canada.  Fiona then went on to set up her own practice, working as a technical consultant to firms advising them on auditing, financial reporting and practice assurance.

Quality in auditing and financial reporting is at the heart of her daily work and Fiona is keen to help restore trust and ensure that quality is maintained through continuous improvement. She believes that auditing and accounting standards are at the core of building a world of strong economies and are essential to raise standards of living and prosperity.

Fiona is an ambassador for diversity and inclusion in the profession, spreading the message that accountancy is an inclusive profession which is open to all, no matter what their background.